Almost Gone

And then there were four…(sorry you’re sort of cut out of the picture hot pink!)  Last weekend 6 of the 10 puppies headed to their new homes.  Everyone keeps asking if I’m sad to to see them go.  I’m really not. Mainly because I’m so happy for the new families who have waited for them, in many cases, since before they were born.  To see their excitement is far greater than any sadness I have about seeing them go.  Plus, I tried so hard to give each of them special cuddle time (the puppies, not the families) that it’s hard to grow a specific attachment to anyone in particular.  I think it will be a little harder as the group shrinks and the last one to go might be the most difficult.

Since the last six went home, the poop has greatly decreased which is GREAT, less time in the morning to clean up!  Also the amount of feeding has decreased so I can get an extra 30 minutes of sleep!  With there only being four mouths to feed, it means I can do a little bit of training with them.  To date, they have been taught to wait inside their pen patiently for their turn. They don’t get to take a turn until they are calm and sitting.  I am now taking it a step further and taking them out of the pen one at a time and waiting until they are sitting before giving them their food.  They learned quickly that I was asking of them and within a few minutes were sitting quietly.  Every day, I extend their wait time a little longer.  Eventually, I will ask them to wait even when their food is on the floor ready to be eaten.  At this point, they are sitting almost immediately while I measure out their portion and get it into the bowl.

Once all the puppies have gone home, I will post pics of them with their new families and tell you what their names are.


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