Breeding Plans Extended

January 2015, Benelli came to visit while preparing for IABCA show. She’s such a lover!

Happy Spring!  I hope everyone is doing well!  I wanted to update you on the status of Benelli’s “schedule”… She has FINALLY come into season for the first time at 20 months old.  Based on this timing, I anticipate her next cycle to be in September which is too late in the year for a litter.  I do not have winter litters because it’s too hard to keep all those puppies cooped up inside the house.  So the NEW plan is for spring of 2016.

This will give plenty time for all of her health testing this summer after she turns two.  In addition, we are looking into UKC Conformation shows so this gives time for that as well.

If you have found a puppy from another breeder or are otherwise no longer interested you can remove yourself from this distribution list easily.  If you are still interested, feel free to hang out.

For those who have asked, I do not have a waiting list.  Those interested are encouraged to subscribe to my mailing list and stay updated on breeding plans.  When plans have been firmed up, I will send out a link to fill out my application.  I then review all applications and begin phone screenings right about the same time that the mating is scheduled.  When pregnancy is confirmed, I begin taking deposits from selected homes.  About a week or so before the due date, we do x-rays to count puppy spines and get a better idea of how many are in there.  Once they are born and I know exactly how many there are, I firm up the perspective homes.  I choose which puppy goes to which home by hearing your needs, and evaluating the puppies as they grow.  I do not guarantee the sex that you initially request as there may not be enough to go around, or the personality/temperament of available dogs does not work for your family.  I know this is a scary thought, but of the litters I’ve had, not one owner has been disappointed with my choice for them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, I’m happy to answer.

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One Response to Breeding Plans Extended

  1. Stacy Elliott says:

    Thanks so much for keeping me informed. We are still very very interested! These puppies are so hard to find!

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