Breeding Update – August 2018

Hello Blue River Weimaraners Faithful Followers!

As you know, breeding plans for Benelli have been on hold since 2016.  I had hoped to be able to proceed with plans this year so I brought her up to stay with me so I could evaluate her and get her an updated vet check since she’s five years old now.  As fate would have it, she got into some of Roxie’s medicine and ended up in the ER for a couple of days.  After that, and additional follow up visits with vet and cardiologist, which didn’t show any damage to her heart or health otherwise, we just didn’t feel that it was in Benelli’s best interest to breed her for the first time at age six (in 2019) so we are listening to the Universe and have decided to spay her and let her raise her three human baby boys in peace.

Beautiful Benelli

Benelli being released from the ER

As of now, I will be working with the breeders of Roxie’s other offspring (Covey, Gus and Blue) to see if any of their litters will work for me and if so, will hopefully begin again with a puppy in 2019.  This means, puppy training, field training, conformation classes, hunt tests, NAVHDA testing, IABCA Conformation shows, and of course health testing.

If all goes well and this new puppy proves breed worthy when she’s two years old (2021) then we will begin looking for mates for her to be bred to.

Until then, I’m sure that I will continue to blog The Pursuit of Puppy!  Stay tuned…

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