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Baby Daddy Charley has a new YouTube Channel!  Check out his hunting videos and see the beautiful country he gets to hunt everyday. Charley’s YouTube Channel.  These videos show the terrain that they hunt in regularly and how Charley manages it day after day with ease and excitement!

Here’s one of his video clips.  He really knows how to work the land and find the birds and track them as they continue to run.  The dog you hear in the background is Pearl the black lab.  She’s anxious to fetch the birds but has to wait for the right time.  This video shows Charley getting the retrive.

*Note, Charley is hunting wild Chukar.  Wild chukar are very different than the pen raised and planted birds that we in the valley hunt at local clubs.  Wild chukar accumulates in coveys and they RUN rather then fly when they sense you, therefore Charley has to track their movement which can often be hundreds of yards.  What those of us involved in hunting competion call “steady” does not apply in the wild world of chukar hunting.  That said, Charley passed NAVHDA UT with a prize 2 for steady to wing, shot and fall, however his actual hunting style differs from hunting tests.  View his Test scores here: NAVHDA UT

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