Important Info About Vaccines

My personal view on vaccinations is a conservative approach.  Below are some articles about the over vaccination of dogs.

  • Dr. Jean Dodds’ Pet Health and Resource Blog click HERE
  • Dog and Cat Vaccines are Not Harmless Preventive Medicine
    By Dr. Karen Becker
    I talk a lot about vaccine dangers here at  MercolaHealthyPets, and I often mention a condition called vaccinosis.  Since vaccinosis isn’t recognized by most traditional  veterinarians and isn’t something many pet owners have ever heard of before, I  thought it would be helpful to do a short video to explain the condition. To read the rest of the article, click HERE to be directed to the Healthy Pets website.
  • More is Not Better
    by Dr. Ronald Schultz
    More is not better
  • Dogs Naturally Magazine – Taking Risks out of Puppy Vaccines (pdf)
  • HOD in Weimaraners and its relationship with vaccinations



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