PM’s BlueRiver Millisecond to None

DOB: 4/11/19

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So far, Millie is a spitfire!!  She is super smart and mastered the doggy door within a day of being home at 8 weeks old.  She learned fetch within a couple of days and carries her toys (even those almost bigger than her) high and proud.  She loves her Gramma Roxie, even though Roxie is slow to return the love.  Right now, the perpetual look on Roxie’s face is “Go away kid you’re bothering me”.  

We have BIG plans for Millie, including IABCA Conformation, Field work, and maybe even some performance events since she seems to be a people pleaser.  If at the age of two, Millie proves to be a good example to the breed, and she passes all of her health clearances, we will plan to breed her.  

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