Puppy Field Day 11/9/13

LtoR: Benelli, Kenai, Gaelan, Roxie and Juno

In November, I invited all of my puppy people to come out for a day in the field with their puppies young and old.   Four baby puppies from the 2013 litter were able to make it.  We met at Quail Point Hunt Club in Zamora, CA for so fun with birds.

We drove out to the fields with a plan to let them run and play for a few minutes then plant some birds and let them loose to hunt along side Mama Roxie.  We planted four birds to start. When Roxie went on point, we let the puppies figure out what was happening and slowly you could see them pick up the scent and locate the birds and try to catch them.  After several birds, you could see that Benelli and Kenai who had previously been on birds caught on pretty quickly and began to hunt and point.  Juno and Gaelan were a little slower to catch on, but once they did, they were excited to find more.  I anticipate the next time for Juno and Gaelan will be similar to how Benelli and Kenai did on their second time out.

We took a break and planted the next four birds at which point I remembered that I had a camera and began to video the finds.  I held Roxie back a couple of times to let the puppies try to retrieve for themselves.

In all, we planted 8 birds and found them all… some a couple of times.  The puppies have shown they definitely have the instinct and desire and should do well in their Natural Ability test next summer.

Below are from the day taken by Jaclyn, Chad and myself.

Who’s Who?

  • Benelli – blue puppy w/ teal collar (teal girl)
  • Kenai – gray puppy w/ teal collar (lime girl)
  • Juno – gray puppy w/ blue collar (yellow girl)
  • Gaelan – gray puppy w/ purple collar (blue collar boy)

Here are some photos from the day (click on the photo for slideshow):

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