Puppy Reunion 2014

What a great weekend!  Several owners from the 2010 “Summer” litter, 2012 “First” litter and 2013 “Second Amendment” litter came together for a weekend of fun and frolic on the beaches of Santa Barbara, California.  Attendees of this reunion were:

  • Jaclyn & Noah and Benelli (2013 litter) from Exeter, CA – Jaclyn was 3 days from the due date of their first child and still made the 4 hour trip to Santa Barbara!
  • Alex & Kenai (2013 litter) from Reno, NV – Alex drove to Sacramento to meet me and we drove together with both dogs.
  • Cristi & Covey (2013 litter from Downsville, LA – no, not Los Angeles, that’s Louisiana!  Yes, Cristi and her cousin Peggy drove all the way from Louisiana to California for Weimaraner Nationals in Long Beach and while here, headed north a few more hours to meet up with the rest of the “family”.  Truth be told, this reunion was Cristi’s brainchild.  She wanted to make the best of this trip!! (Sorry, only got pics of Covey)
  • Gayle & Riva (2012 litter) from Pasadena, CA – Gayle brought Riva to the reunion on behalf of her owners, Steve and Cynthia who were on vacation.
  • Garret & Blue (2012 litter) from Laguna Beach, CA – Garret probably had the shortest drive from all of us, only 3 hours.  Blue was lovin’ being the center of all the girls!
  • Krista, Tom, Sophia, Connor and Ava (2012 litter) from Santa Barbara, CA – ok well, maybe Krista and Co. had the shortest drive… Thanks to Krista, we had the perfect beaches to play at and great choices for dinner and breakfast!
  • ME & Mama Roxie, from Sacramento, CA – Well, you know who I am 🙂

Most of us arrived Friday night to the Motel 6 in Carpinteria.  We hung out at the pool after hours and someone let the dog of leash and magically, the others got off leash as well and then they spent the next 30-45 minutes chasing each other around the pool.  They were quite entertaining and several residents came out on the balcony to watch.  A couple of the dogs decided to go swimming, while one (mine) was sort of bumped into the water, accidentally on purpose.  It was getting a bit late so we all retired to bed for the night. The following morning, we all met at Summerland Beach for a family play date.  Krista picked up sandwiches so we were able to have lunch on the beach.  The puppies all seemed to recognize each other and played and played and played. They chased each other through the surf, kicking up sand on anyone in their way.  They chased balls into the water, jumping the waves on the way in and surfing on the way back (see video of Blue & Covey below).  Ava wanted to help the kids dig holes into the sand, they didn’t really want her help.

Next up… just the dogs.  Could we get them to sit/stay long enough for us to step away and get a photo?  Could we get them to down/stay???  Why yes, yes we could!  It took some time and patience but we did it! L to R: Benelli (2013), Kenai (2013), Covey (2012), Riva (2010), Blue (2012), Ava (2012), Roxie (Mama)

Sunday morning, several packed up and left the hotel early to Arroyo Burro Beach for an early romp on the beach before meeting up for breakfast at The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach restaurant. It was a beautiful location right on the beach with an outdoor patio.  If you chose to sit inside, it was surrounded by windows to still see the beach while you ate.  So all he beauty, no heat or sun.

After a good hearty breakfast, we hugged and said goodbye to our new “family” and vowed to do it again soon.  We parted ways and headed for our various homes around the country.

It would be so great to have these reunions each year.  Maybe in different parts of California so that others can have an opportunity to come.  We’d love to see those from Washington, Oregon and Montana as well as those in Colorado and Texas.

View the rest of the photos here (click for slideshow):
Dog identity: Blue = no collar; Covey = black collar; Ava = brown leather collar w/ ribbon; Kenai = Yellow collar; Benelli = teal collar; Roxie = green collar w/ silver plate; Riva = maroon collar

Until next time, I’ll leave you with a photo of me and my babies.

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