Second Chances

a gift from Chance’s UCD Vet

If you have not kept up on The Story of Chance, be sure to read it HERE.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of support Chance received from those who know me as well as those who don’t know me at all.  Chance’s post on Facebook was shared 48 times and viewed by more than 4500 people. Because of your donations, I was able to give Baby Chance every possible opportunity to live through this very unfortunate experience.  Because of you, I could make decisions based on what was best for Chance and not whether or not I could afford to help him.  Thank you for you very kind and generous donation.

As it turns out, the cause of Chance’s initial cardiac arrest while being put under anesthesia is believed to have been preventable and as such, UC Davis has waived ALL of the expenses related to his stay in critical care including the initial pre-op exams and care.  Since there was no out-of-pocket expense for Chance’s care, I will be returning all of the generous donations.

If there is a silver lining to this situation, I have donated Chance to the UC Davis Vet School so they can learn from his heart issue as well as better determine what went wrong and study him.  After all, it IS a teaching hospital and I’m sure they don’t get to learn from puppies very often.  If learning from this situation can give another puppy a second chance or help young veterinarians be better, then Chance has served a great purpose.

Thank you again for giving Chance a second chance…

rest in peace Chance

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