Update: Benelli Breeding Plans Extended… Again

Merry Christmas!!  I wanted to update you on Benelli’s ever-uncooperative “schedule”.  I was anticipating her to come into season this fall, but alas her ever-uncooperative cycle has struck again.  She skipped fall and started last week.  It’s been nine months since her last cycle so based on this, I estimate another nine-ish months before the next one so we’re looking at August/September 2016 for breeding.  Of course, it she cycles sooner, then GREAT!

So for those who have been patiently waiting, I apologize for the delay and understand if you opt to look for a puppy elsewhere.

For those interested in a puppy from Covey’s litter in February, check out this post with information on how to contact Cristi.  Covey x Cooper.

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