Yes, I Give Rebates!

I want to encourage all of my puppy people to get out and DO something with their new puppies.  Why?  Because it good for everyone involved!  Let me explain:

What do you mean DO something?

I mean getting your puppy out for more than just throwing the ball, a walk around the block or even a run on the parkway.  Your puppy has so much to offer, it should be shown off!  Perhaps you enjoy watching the Westminster Kennel Club or Eukanuba Dog Shows?  Seeing those beautiful dogs prance around the ring strutting their stuff?  Maybe you would like to show your puppy in the conformation ring?  Do you like seeing your dog doing what it was bred to do?  Do you like watching her work the field then “strike a pose” making the most beautiful point you’ve ever seen then retreive a bird and drop it in your hand?  Or perhaps you want enjoy some more performance based like Obedience, Rally or Agility?  These are the things that I’m talking about.


How is this good for “everyone involved”?

Well, it’s good for the puppy for obvious reasons, it get them exercise and mental stimulation.  This means that after a day of working the ring or field, or trialing to work in the ring or field, the puppy feels fulfilled and happy.  They can come home and relax and be good doggies.

It’s good for you because it gets you out for exercise that maybe you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise?  You get to learn something new too and enjoy spending time and bonding with your puppy on a completely different level.  I can say from experience, that having never done conformation or hunting before, learning these and working with Roxie bonded me to her more than just “hanging out”.  It’s also good for you because having a dog that is happy and exercised means they are less likely to be bored and do bad puppy things.

It’s good for me (the breeder) because when you get out and “DO something” with your puppy you might just earn a title here or there.  Earning titles on your dog is not only satisfying for you, but it’s also good for your breeder.  When a reputable breeder decides to breed a dog, she wants to be sure the dog has traits that are “worthy” of being passed on.  This not only means having a good temprament, but it also means do they have the correct structure, they can hunt, etc… all things that are part of the breed standard.  The only way to show this other than physically seeing them (which isn’t always possible) is to test them and have them earn a certificate (title). When your puppy competes and earns titles, it confirms to the breeder that they are making the right breeding choices and that future owners can be confident they they are getting the puppy with the qualities they are looking for.

But I’ve never done any of those things?

That’s OK!!  We all had to start someplace.  As I mentioned before, I had never done conformation, so I found someone to handle Roxie for me.   I had never hunted a day in my life.  That’s ok, I didn’t have to hunt, I just had to learn to handle her and other people did the shooting (although now I shoot too).  There is a lot of support out there for people wanting to learn a sport with with their dog so if there is something you are interested in so you won’t be going at it alone.  Let me know and I can put you in touch with the right people.

So what about these rebates you keep talking about?

In order to encourage you to get out and “DO something” with your puppy, per paragraph A-4 of my Purchase agreement, I am offering the following rebates (rebates are subject to change and may expire, please refer to actual contract):

Seller will pay the following rebates on receipt of proof that the dog has successfully completed the following.  Buyer agrees to notify Seller of intent to achieve these goals (with the exception of Puppy Kindergarten) at least six months in advance in order to be eligible for rebate.

  • Spay/Neuter with certificate from veterinarian – $50
  • Puppy Kindergarten – $25
  • NAVHDA Natural Ability prize – $75 (read more here)
  • First points/placements/legs/titles of any kind – $30 ($60 max, excludes NAVHDA NA)
  • Achievement of SH, RDX, CDX or UPT prize – $150
  • Achievement of a Bench, Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Field Championship or Master Hunter or Utility Test Prize I – $300 (total including lesser titles in specific category)
  • Achievement of a Dual Champion or Versatile Champion or National Field Champion/National Amateur Field Champion – $1,200 (total including lesser titles in specific category)

Please note, the “notification of 6 months in advance” is reasonable time since more than likely you will have some training to do before you can attempt you first event.  It gives me a chance to prepare for your rebate.

So, that’s it!  Will this make you a little more inclined to DO something with your puppy?  I really hope so.

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