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I am a breeder of high quality blue and gray Weimaraners in Western Montana (formerly in Northern California).  I strive for excellent quality by starting with an outstanding foundation bitch and improving on her qualities by selecting complimentary studs.  I believe in the Weimaraner that has both correct conformation as well as a strong hunt drive.  If you are looking to hunt or show, these dogs have the ability to perform for you and should easily bring you a bird or a ribbon (or both!).  If you are interested in performance events, they should excel in the obedience, rally, and agility rings with ease.  If you’re just looking for a pet, they can hog a couch or bed like the best of them.  Whatever you’re looking for in a four legged family member, we have a match for you.

Through learning about you and your lifestyle and through careful observation of personalities and traits during the first eight weeks of the puppies life, I will be able to help match you with the right puppy.

Puppies are AKC/NAHVDA and BWCA (blues only) registered.  Their parents are OFA certified to have good or excellent hips and normal elbows, they have been screened for other health issues (see litter pages for details).

If you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming litter, contact me.  If you want to stay updated on news and announcements for the upcoming litter, click the “Subscribe to Posts via email” link to the right.


If you have BlueRiver Weimaraner puppy, please leave a comment/review below to let other potential owners know your experience with me as a breeder and how you’re puppy is doing from 8 weeks and throughout their life.

If you have a question about puppy availability or any other question, please use the Contact Me form to send me a private message. Litter questions posted here will not be published.


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  1. Renee, I have been closely following the progress of your pups . I just wanted to tell you….. you are doing an amazing job with the litter. Roxie is a great mother. I really like the biosensor exercises, it makes sense to stimulate neurophysiology development. Anyway, great job!!! I have owned dogs my entire life and you are the best, most thorough breeder I have ever come across. I’m so happy I found you and cant wait to meet you. These dogs are going to be incredible ! thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication !

  2. I happened to find your website and blog as I was checking out some Weims and trying to learn more about the PM Weims and their line. I happened to find you the day your pups were due, what wonderful luck for me, and I’ve been following you since. Your pups are adorable and Roxie appears to be the best mom. I wish you the best of luck with the litter and their future.
    I have 2 Weims, both grays, both rescues. My Rocky’s mom was a littermate to your Roxie’s grandmother on the sire’s side, Top Hat’s Beach Bunny (Rocky’s mom was Top Hat’s Jessica Rabbit).
    Here in Western PA almost all the breeders of blues are either backyard breeders or Amish and the reputation is not good. As a Weim rescue person, to me they have just become more dogs that need help.
    I am so impressed by your website and your devotion to breeding good dogs. I love the fact that you say it out loud, these dogs are not rare. Your rebate program is outstanding and truly shows where your motivations are. You’ve given me reason to believe there are reputable breeders of blue Weims and I wish there were more people like you.
    Thank you for what you’re doing and wishing you all the best. And keep those photos and videos coming, I love viewing them both.

  3. I have been following along with the blog and enjoying my friend’s excitement over her new puppy. That puppy is going to be so happy in her new home! I just wanted to tell you that I think you have done an amazing job with the first litter. I don’t know how other breeders treat their puppies but I would definitely say you are one of the best.

  4. Congratulations on your first litter. I think you (and Roxie) did an amazing job! Thank you so much for allowing us so far away to follow along daily in the venture. My only regret is that we weren’t able to bring one of those little guys home to Pennsylvania. We will however follow a few of them as they grow thru out friendships on Facebook.
    Margaret-Ann, Bull ChaBoo n Deuce.

  5. Having the time of my life with my puppy. Thank you for providing me with a puppy who is confident, natural hunting drive, beauty, grace. She has such focus, and is quickly picking up everything in obedience, agility and hunt so far. Looking forward to the many years with my blue girl. The dedication you put in each puppy weekly has truly paid off. My vet raves over the quality and beauty. May you have the same great results in your second litter. Can not thank you enough!!!

  6. Blue River Weims excels in my experience. Having always had rescues, I felt hypocritical buying my pup, Ryley, from Roxie’s first litter. However, my thinking has evolved and it is far clearer than ever that:
    A. Breeders vary widely
    B. the importance of ensuring the breed’s true qualities, this becomes particularly difficult as the number if back yard breeders have litter after litter, rife with health and behavior problems.
    Renee, our Riley shocked our vet he said, “Karin, you finally have a dog without issues…..”
    Thank you and should you be looking for a pup do not hesitate to contact me for further info on Blue River Weims.

  7. I have always had weims for last 25 years. I just bought a home in folsom and now my home is missing a weim.
    Jennifer flynn

  8. Hi there I am looking for a large male pup, I prefer grey but will take a blue. We lost our beautiful 12+ male approx. 5 yrs. ago and miss him terribly. Please contact me by phone 6t0 740 0122

  9. I am blessed to have two of the Blue Rivers girls – one gray from Roxy and one blue from Millie. Both girls are beautiful and healthy with amazing temperament. Renee is an exception to the rules of breeding- she literally takes it to the highest level. She is professional, extremely caring about the breed and pups, and is very easy to work with. Renee introduced us to Weimaraners and we will always have them in our lives.

  10. Our Blue River Weimaraner is from Renee’s Montana Winter litter [February 4, 2023; red collared blue girl (aka Chubbykins); Blue Rivers Montana Blue Pearl; family name: Maisie]
    Renee has done a fabulous job caring for and raising our little girl! At 8-weeks old, Maisie (boldly independent and inquisitively mischievous), comes to us potty-trained and trained to quietly sit if she wants our attention and or when it is time to eat too. Additionally, I attribute the different layers of socialization Renee introduced to Maisie, for why she is not just comfortable, but has a courageously confident nature to seek out new experiences. We cannot thank Renee enough for giving us our little Maisie! Maisie is her namesake, a treasure in our lives. Thank you Renee!

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