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5/22/10 – They’re HERE!! — 7 Comments

  1. What a good mom. Ellie had one in the garden too. I went with her on leash, with a flash light. We thought we were done, but another was born. I was there with a towel to catch it in the garden!
    Have fun with the puppies!

  2. Renee…how many puppies did you have?? Of course you didnt get any ice cream…Jeesh! Glad Everyone is doing good! I talked with Dan this morning about dogs…You know, I think if I pushed he would let me have one. Few more years…then we can take our dogs to South Dakota! YEAH, lets plan it!!

    • Just keep showing him the puppy pics and he’ll cave. We may be bringing the pups down to Brads for hunt evaluation so you should come to that too.

      SD Pheasant hunting, here we come!

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