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7/12/10 – Puppy Evaluation — 3 Comments

  1. Renee our boy Kalen is 14 weeks old now. Learning with Pan how we have to ignore birds here as we feed ducks, Sandhill Cranes, and pheasant at the ground feeder in our open yard. We have 8 ducks in the pond and both Weims will now ignore them as well as the cranes. They are such smart dogs they want to do things right for you so go against their instinct to chase fowl if that’s what you want. Neither dog was put on birds as a little puppy either.

  2. Well having had the pleasure of spending time with Miss Laika, she is a little pistol. Takes everything in stride and is a confident girl. She also LOVES birds. I hope the owner will put her in the field, she seems to have lots of potential! And is very sweet too!

  3. Riley, a.k.a blue with red collar is doing well. He first bonded to Lily, our 12 y.o. weim and Abby, our 5 y.o. Pointer firmly let him know where he stood on the food chain! In tha last several days Abby and Riley are playing-burning off some serious dog energy! It has been interesting to see Lily and Abby’s relationship change with the addition of Riley. Less tension in the air as Lily becomes older and more limited. Riley has pointed several times in the yard and once when he was pooping and promptly fell over! He has shown much interest in the resident squirrel who taunts Abby. As was shown in the eval little red blue does have a strong prey drive!

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