You might see advertisements on the internet stating that you can purchase “RARE blue Weimaraners here”! Please be aware, that blue Weimarners are NOT rare.  Certainly, there are not as many as there are gray Weimaraners but they are not “Rare”.

Since the blue coat color was disqualified in 1970 from the WCA breed standard, most of the reputable breeders of quality Weimarners (regardless of color) stopped breeding blues as it was deemed unethical to breed a disqualifying trait.  Due to this, the only breeders left breeding blues were those that did not pay as close attention to the quality in which they were producing thereby the general quality of blues has declined over the years .

In the last few years there are a few breeders that have vowed to change all of that.  They have bred carefully to increase the quality of the blue weimaraner by ensuring that conformation, versatility as well as hunt instinct is maximized to produce blue Weimaraners that are equal in quality with some of the best gray Weimaraners out there.  THOSE types of breeders are what is truly “RARE”.

When searching for a breeder over the internet, beware of the following:

  • breeders who use the term “rare”
  • breeders who only show photos of pregnant bitches or overweight dogs
  • breeders who don’t show photos of the parents at all
  • breeders who don’t test their dogs to show they are “worthy” to be bred
  • who breed their bitches more than once a year
  • who are cheaper than everyone else
  • do not do health and hip testing on their dogs and show proof of these tests.

Breeding is not a money making ventrure.  If doing it right, any “profit” from a litter is used to prepare the next generation of breeding.  A breeder just starting out, puts out thousands of dollars in their foundation stock, starting with purchase price of the puppy, obedience training, conformation testing, field or performance training, testing, health tests, hip tests, all in the first few years to see if the dog is worthy of being bred.  Should any of those tests show that the dog can’t hunt, has poor conformation, poor temprament, or underlying health issues.  Then they have to start all over again.  If a new breeder isn’t already in the hole for thousands of dollars before the first litter is ever born, then they may not be as reputable as you think.

If you’re searching for the right breeder, please read my Breeder Q&A page and ask those questions of any breeder you are interviewing.