So you want a Weimaraner???

Are you sure????
Check out this video of what can happen when your Weim gets bored…

Next, check out this video from the National Geographic show Dogs 101:

Do you still want a Weimaraner?

Take the Weimaraner Quiz as produced by the Weimaraner Club of America:

So what am I getting at here?

Weimaraners are not for everyone.  They are extremely intelligent and can outsmart any human, yes, even you.  They are strong, extremely energetic and if not exercised regularly (not just running around the yard), not trained properly, not shown immediately “who’s the boss”, they can become destructive little devils.  Most dogs that end up in shelters or rescues are there because their owners didn’t know what they were getting into.  This is not a “set it and forget it” breed.  They are extremely high maintenance.  If you want a perpetual 2 year old child, this is the dog for you.

Below is video of Covey, a puppy from the 2012 litter.  In this video, she is almost 2 yrs old.  This is what her owner had to say about this video: “I needed a two hour tape so I can truly show her energy.  This was TAME for her.   She had a 45 min run in pastures, 30min agility lesson and about 30mins of her and ducky.  This video was probably the last 15mins of that last stretch.”

Below is a more detailed list of their characteristics as borrowed from NCWR:

Is a Weimaraner the Right Dog for Me?

Weimaraners require obedience training. Without it, they will take over your household. They are usually easy to train but can be difficult to handle and stubborn.

A fenced yard is necessary. Weims have a strong prey drive and will chase anything that moves.

Weims do not do well living outside or in the kennel. They have an intense need to live with their humans.

Weims are not protection dogs but are territorial. They are enthusiastic barkers when strangers come near. Weims need to be socialized while still pups or Intelligence can be a Weim’s biggest problem. They can be destructive when bored and smart dogs get bored easily.

Weims are affectionate, loving and loyal companions. They are dogs for people who want a close relationship with their dog instead of a dog to look pretty lying around. They cannot be ignored.

Weims can be real chowhounds. When standing still, you should see the outline of the last three ribs, but no more than that. Being overweight can promote spinal problems in old age.

Weims require, above all else, to be with their humans. They are intelligent, lively, affectionate, loyal and stubborn – a picture of grace, speed, stamina and balance. Capable of working a long day in the field, they are also happy taking a nap in your lap. They have a strong need to please and need exercise every day.

The Weim is not a breed for everybody. They are a very intelligent and demanding dogs. They will not be ignored and are not suitable for people who don’t have the time and energy to devote to their needs.

Weims are good with children and can usually be trained (if started young) to get along with cats.

Weims are people-oriented dogs. Their most notable trait is their need to be with their humans all the time. They will do anything you ask. About the only thing you can’t do with this breed is “nothing”.

If you STILL think you want a Weimaraner, GREAT!  Contact me and let’s talk!