Article: How to Find a Reputable Weimaraner Breeder by Just Weimaraners

Adapted with permission from E. Raiman, Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois

Q> Do they know that the Blue Weimaraner is a disqualifying fault in the breed standard?
A> Yes, I know that the blue coat is a disqualifying fault in the WCA breed standard.  This is why I helped form the Blue Weimaraner Club of America (BWCoA) which was formed to establish a new breed and in the meantime promote the education about the Blue Weimaraner and responsible breeding so that more quality blues are available. 

Q> Do they belong to the local Weimaraner club or other dog clubs?
A> yes, I am a founding member of the BWCoA as well as a member of San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club and Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club  I was a member of the parent club WCA however opted to not renew membership.

Q> Have the hips of the parents been X-rayed and certified free of hip dysplasia? Ask to see the original certificate from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for the dam; at least a copy for the sire. Have any other health checks been done (heart, thyroid, blood panel, CERF, etc.)?
A> All of my dogs will have been certified by the OFA or PennHip for Good or Excellent hips and Normal Elbows.  Certificate copies are available on her page

Q> What guarantee will be given and for how long (days, months, years) regarding health and hereditary defects? In the event of serious problems, will a refund or replacement be given?
A> Yes, please see contract page for details.

Q> Has a veterinarian examined each puppy? Ask to see any evaluation given.
A> Yes, they will have been seen by a vet and evaluated for health and conformation before going home with you.

Q> Can you see and visit with the parents of this litter? With other relatives of these dogs? Do they have the temperament you seek?
A> The Dam resides with me and you can come and visit with her at any time. The sire however, lives elsewhere.  It may be possible to visit with the sire depending on your location and availability of his owner.  I will attempt to provide details, photos and video of the sire on the litter information page.

Q> Why did they breed this litter? Done correctly, breeding is not a money-making venture. Do you sense that the breeding was done to improve the breed with better offspring or solely to make a profit or merely because they thought it’d be fun?
A> My goal in breeding is to produce and improve the quality of blue Weimaraners in general.  By starting with quality bitch, and matching her with the right stud, I produced puppies with correct conformation as well as the ability and stamina to do what they were originally bred to do… hunt, all while having the proper temperament that they will be home and resting on your lap at night.  In addition, many of my puppies have gone on to excel in performance events such as agility and barn hunting.

I will continue with this plan with my next puppy with the hopes of breeding her in 2021.

Q> Have the parents ever competed in obedience, agility or field? If so, have they ever achieved a title or points/legs towards one? If not, are the breeders qualified to honestly evaluate the adults and the puppies?
A> Yes, my dogs have competed in both conformation events through the International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) and earned International Championships.  They have also completed the NAHVDA Natural Ability as well as AKC Senior Hunter.  As for the sire, I strive to find sires that have been proven in confirmation, field or other performance event.  For details, please see the litter page for sire information.

The puppies will be evaluated for conformation between 6-8 weeks old.  They will be field evaluated between 7-8 weeks old.  New owners are welcomed to observe field evaluations. Photos and video will be provided via this website.

Q> Can the breeder explain how the parents fit the breed standard?
A> While my dogs and potentially the sire may not meet the WCA breed standard with regard to the blue coat color, I strive to ensure that they meet the standard in all other ways.  Blue dogs will conform to the BWCoA breed standard.  In the instance that either dog does not quite meet the standard(s) such as Roxie is a little taller than she should be, I look for complimentary studs to offset that fault.

Q> How many litters a year do they breed? If this is their first litter, have they had the help and advice of experienced breeders?
A> Roxie had her fist litter in 2010 under Liz Fairlee of Fairhaven Weimaraners.  I was on hand during the whelping of this litter and throughout their growing process.  The “First” litter was whelped by me and Liz in 2012 and raised by me in my home.  The “Second” litter was whelped by me alone in 2013.  I hope to have another litter in 2021 if not sooner.

Q> Will the breeder assist you with puppy rearing, behavior problems, health and vaccine questions, location of good puppy and obedience classes, help with activities in which you may become interested (personal hunting, field trials, hunting tests, tracking, agility, etc.)?
A> ABSOLUTELY!  I will be there to help you in any way you need. I am only a phone call or email away.  I encourage regular communication with all of my puppy people and hope that I will hear from you often with stories and photos of your new puppy.  I also want to hear about any problems you may be having so I can help you through it.

Q> Are you purchasing this dog as a pet? Does the breeder encourage or even require spaying/neutering with explanations of the health benefits for your dog?
A> All puppies will be released on a Limited Registration basis.  This means that the dog is registered with the AKC, but no litters will be able to be registered.  Full registration will be released upon spay/neuter of the dog.

Q> Are you purchasing this dog to compete with and/or breed? Contact a breeder with many years of experience in both. Anything less is a disservice to the breed.
A> While I personally may not know everything there is to know, I have great resources amongst the Weimaraner world with connections with many reputable breeders willing to answer any questions.  I can put you in touch with experienced people in whatever field you are looking at.

Q> Will the breeder guarantee that the dog will be taken back or that you will be assisted with placement if, for ANY reason, at ANY time, it becomes impossible for you to keep the dog? Most dogs are purchased with the best of intentions, but situations such as death, divorce, relocation, allergies, etc., sometimes make it difficult to keep the commitment.
A> YES.  Unfortunate situations occur, if you have one of these, I will work with you to see if there is anything that can be done to help you keep your dog and if not, I will take it back and find a new home. 

Q> Will you receive a written contract outlining the specifics of the issues listed above? Equally important, are you willing to abide by those requirements or expectations?
A> YES.  To view a copy of the Puppy Contract/Purchase agreement click HERE .

The breeders should be asking you as many, or more, questions as you are asking of them. The purchase of a pure-bred dog should not be taken lightly. It is an expensive undertaking — the cost of the dog is only the beginning. The dog cannot be traded in like last year’s car and it has no voice in its future — you are making a lifetime commitment to each other.

To lean more about being an ethical breeder, visit the Health Tested Puppies from Conscientious Breeders website