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Breeding Plans on Hold — 2 Comments

  1. I hope that you will be in a better condition soon. Chance is MY Hero. Thank you for sharing his brief but glowing heroic life with US.

  2. Greetings,
    My name is Zoe Escobar. I am a volunteer for the Western Washington Weimaraner Club, Rescue. I have experience training dogs and horses.
    My first Weimy was a rescue from the Humane Society. I saw her photo online, she looked so scared I had to go get her. She was so frightened, she barked at everybody except me. I took her home and we were quite happy, except she was still frightened of crowds who looked at her and short Mexican men. She never let me out of her sight, she liked to jump in my lap when I was sitting on the couch. For a couple of years we were quite happy, then I noticed she seemed to be depressed. I took her to the vet, the vet told me I had to take her to the hospital. She had Leptospirosis. My vet told me they hadn’t had a spirosis case in several year, so she did not vaccinate her for it. To my horror she did not survive. My eyes still well up with tears when I tell her story.
    My second Weimy was also a rescue, I drove 200 miles to adopt her from an animal shelter. I don’t know how anybody could give her up, it was my great fortune. I had a roommate who took her hiking on Tiger Mountain. One could tell she emmensily enjoyed her time with him. She went everywhere with us. She was so much a part of the family, she was a mind reader. Unfortunatly, she developed a tumor in her colon. My vet could not fix her. Again, I had to say goodbye to my dear friend and again my tears appear at her loss. My house was empty, my car was empty, my heart was sad.
    I can say I was delightfully own by two Weimys and have been looking for another rescue to no avail.
    In 2009, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I am now confined to a wheelchair and in need of a servce dog. Weimaraner is my only breed of choice.
    After inquiries to Service dog trainers, I was informed Weimys do not make good service dogs because they are bred for hunting and show. I whole heartedly disagree with that philosophy.
    Although I cannot afford to purchase one of your critters, Ronna from the Las Vegas Weimaraner rescue told that sometimes a buyer will return a dog and that dog might be available for rescue adoption, at a lesser price. I would love the chance to turn her/him (my preference is female but…) into a working dog, my service critter.
    I hope you will seriously consider my request.
    Thank you,

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