Thank you for your interest in a Blue River Weimaraners puppy.   Below is general information about the expectations that you as the buyer can expect from me the breeder and that I as the breeder expect from you.  For more information about each item, click the links at the end of the section.

    • Have you read?  – Have you read The Weimaraner page?  Please do.
    • Rebates – Did you know that I will give rebates for getting your dog out and earning awards??  Check out my post for more details HERE
    • NAVHDA – I am asking all puppy owners (hunters or not) to test their puppy in  NAVHDA’s Natural Ability test.  To read more about this click HERE
    • Keeping in Touch – If you are looking for a breeder who will sell you a puppy and never bother you again… I am not the breeder for you.  Not only will I love to see the puppies go from being tiny babies to little dogs, I want to see them continue to grow into mature adults and see how they live with you.  I encourage you to keep in contact with me (more than just changes of address) and let me know how your puppy is doing, sending photos and stories whenever you can.  I have a private Facebook Group for only Blue River Weimaraner families.  I promise to always be available to help you with your new addition if you have any issues.
    • Deposit/Waiting List – I do not keep a waiting list.  Since it tends to be a year or more between litters, it’s too much to ask someone to wait that long and they tend to find a puppy elsewhere.  If you are interested in a puppy from a future litter, please sign up for my mailing list and when a breeding is close, I will email everyone and begin accepting applications.  Upon acceptance of your application a $1,000 non-refundable* deposit will be required.  *should we find out that the mating did not take and Dam is not pregnant, your deposit will be refunded or can be rolled over for a future litter.
    • Puppy Price – Blue River Weimaraner puppies are $2,300 regardless of color or sex. The cost of the puppies has been carefully considered based on the current economy and the increase in expenses in which it takes to breed such as stud fees and expenses, litter care including vet care, feeding, supplies etc… In addition, costs of breeding in general take into consideration the amount of time, effort and expense in proving the parents are worthy of being bred.  This includes hips/elbows xrays, health testing, competition in conformation, field or performance events.
    • Additional Cost –  We will register all of the puppies with AKC and NAVHDA as well as have all the puppies microchiped.  The cost of these fees is to be paid to breeder by the owner in addition to the price of the puppy above.
    • Puppy Choice – We will try to match you with your preferred sex and color however, such choices may not be available and depending on your needs (i.e. service dog, hunting dog, show dog etc..), puppy personalities may differ in colors/sexes.
    • Limited Registration – Puppies will be sold on a Limited Registration Basis unless other arrangements have been made.  Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration.  AKC Limited Registration
    • Breeding –  If you are interested in breeding, let me know so we can discuss this option prior to purchasing a puppy. Co-Ownership may be a requirement if you wish to breed.
    • Vaccination Recommendations – The Weimaraner Club of America has established a special protocol for vaccinating Weimaraner puppies due to immune-deficiency problems in this breed. However, I tend to be more conservative than that.  Buyer agrees to at least adhere to the WCA Vaccination Protocol if not my more conservative approach as outlined HERE and in Exhibit A in the purchase Contract.  Not doing so may result in the voiding of the health guarantee.  Note, titers may be used in conjunction or in place of additional vaccinations.  Please consult your vet or contact me for more information. Please read the post about Over Vaccination in Dogs.
    • NuVet Supplements – I’ve had Roxie and Millie on NuVet supplements since they were puppies. I honestly believe it is why their coats are so beautiful and is one of the reasons they have remained so healthy.  Roxie lived to be 15 years old and was healthy all the way to the end.  I believe so much in this product that it is a requirement as part of your pet’s Health Guarantee.  It is the best nutritional supplement that I have ever seen.  Below is more information.  You can also read more on the newly added page on my website: NuVet or visit them directly: NuVet supplements cannot be purchased from a store.  They can only be purchased directly from NuVet.
    • Required Reading“Your New Weimaraner Puppy: How to Survive the First Six Months” by Anne Taguchi and Meredith Wadsworth.  Click here for details.
    • Puppy Contract Purchase Agreement (Limited Registration) – Please review the agreement thoroughly prior to making any commitments. Contract (contract may be updated from time to time)
    • Puppy Contract Purchase Agreement (Co-Ownership) – If you are interested in co-ownership, please contact me
    • Pick up/Shipping/DeliveryI do not ship puppies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one of my puppies.  We just need to make arrangements for you to get your puppy.  Contact me to discuss.