Roxie x Charley 2013
The “Second Amendment” Litter

Born June 24, 2013
Available August 19, 2013
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Roxie’s Pedigree                                                 Charley’s Pedigree
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Puppies from this litter should have sound structure, beauty and have strong drive to hunt.  They will be highly energetic and require daily exercise and room to run.  They will be intelligent and will require a strong leader with a soft hand to remind them who is boss (as do most Weimaraners). Please be aware, this litter is being bred mainly for hunting and competition.  These puppies will be very smart and high energy.  “Pet” homes who do not hunt or compete in other performance sports with their dog should be highly active such as runners.  *Note, due to the high prey drive, these puppies may not be suitable for homes with cats. However, they will be raised with a cat in the house so we shall see.*  Puppies from this litter will be AKC, NAVHDA and BWCoA registered.

I offer rebates for testing and showing your puppy. Please see this article for more information: REBATES. Also, for those looking to hunt, your puppy intro to field classes through Quail Point Hunt Club are included in the purchase price of the puppy.  Please check out my What? Free Field Training??? post.

This will be Blue River Weimaraners’ second litter of hunting dogs, therefore the theme for this litter will be “SECOND AMENDMENT”.  🙂

If you are interested in a puppy from the upcoming litter, please fill out the contact form HERE