Millie is a spitfire!!  She’s strong, bold and extremely intelligent which means she’s forever bored and keeps us on our toes!  She learned how to ring the bell to go outside by showing her ONCE. She’s learned how to open all of the trash cans in the house, even those with step lids. She has learned to navigate the pet barrier into the kitchen. When she’s allowed out front, off leash, she visits the neighbor’s house and steals their doggy toys and brings them home. She’s made friends with the neighborhood deer through the fence, but she REALLY wants to get out and play with them. Not sure they feel the same. She loves her Gramma Roxie, even though Roxie is perpetually annoyed with her. On the other side of the spectrum, Millie is sweet and loving an all she wants to do is be close to you and give you kisses. Millie loves to hunt and I just wish that we would have had more opportunity to get out and hunt, test and play. Life just have gotten in the way and poor Millie suffered the consequences.

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  • Breeding Update 10/25/21
    First, I want to apologize for those who have reached out about our breeding plans for 2021. As I wrote in my previous update back in April, we had been having issues getting conclusive hip results before she went into season. Then we moved! But first, (literally the day before we left) we got her into the vet for one last attempt for a successful hip exam and thankfully, we got what we were hoping for. So there was still a small hope that we could breed this fall, however, the Universe had other plans for us. Not to mention Continue reading →
  • Millie’s NAVHDA Natural Ability Test
    Int Sr Hnr PM’s BlueRiver Millisecond to None, NA2 I’m excited to announce that on Friday, October 9, 2020 Millie earned her Natural Ability title scoring 98 points and a Prize 2. Scores were as follows (don’t ask me how they come up with a score of 98. There are factors and multiples that I don’t understand): Eyes – OK Bite/Teeth – OK Coat – Med Dense/Med Harsh Temperament – Normal Not Gun shy Use of Nose – 4 Search – 3 Water – 3 Pointing – 4 Tracking – 4 Desire to Work – 3 Cooperation – 4 I’m Continue reading →
  • Millie’s IABCA Show – New Puppy Champion
    HnrSrCH PM’S Millisecond to None January 18-19 2020, Santa Rosa, CA Millie had her first International Conformation show last month and I am excited to say that at nine months old, she earn her National, International and Honor Senior Puppy Title!!!  I want to thank Grandma Debbie Hopkins for the excellent handling.   On Saturday, show #1 Millie earned a SG1 rating (top score for a puppy) and advanced to the Sporting Group and took third place.   In show #2 Millie earned her second SG1 rating and advanced to the Sporting Group and took a first place and advanced on to Continue reading →
  • Millie’s First Training Day
  • Meet Millie