Int CH Fairhaven’s BluSky’s the Limit SH, NAVHDA NA2


Int Ch Fairhaven’s BluSky’s the Limit, SH, NAVHDA NA2
AKC SR41633401   NAVHDA WM-000853
DOB 4/6/07
Hips Excellent – OFA # WE-10879E24F-VPI
Elbows Normal OFA # WE-EL1007F24-VPI
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Roxie just completed her AKC Senior Hunter February 2013
She trains under:
Pierre Urrutia of Diamond P Gundogs out of Chico, CA
Brad Higins of Higgins Gun Dogs out of Lincoln, CA

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Roxie’s Breeding History:

2010 Roxie x Duke

2012 Roxie X Charley


Roxie’s Temprament and Personality

As a puppy, Roxie was more dominant over the other puppies (as seen in the video below – red collar).  She was always stepping over the other puppies to get the attention.

As an adult, she’s very much the same.  She is hard headed and very intelligent.  She is my velcro dog, she follows me wherever I go and prefers to be touching me while relaxing.  She is extremely loving and sweet.  She was not raised with children other than whoever came to visit before she came home and when she met her first baby at 10 mos old (my 18 month old nieces) she was as gentle as can be with them.  She layed with them allowing them to love on her.  She learned from them that babies are a great source for snacks… in their hands, on their faces.  She makes a great vaccum cleaner and napkin.

She’s great with Cheeto the cat.  Although Cheeto doesn’t want to play as much as she does.  They will sleep next to each other and respect each other’s space.  While Roxie and Cheeto get a long great, she will chase him if he runs however, she doesn’t do anything when she catches up to him.  She is not, however, good with other cats.  She will chase them and is very curious about them, but without agression.  See the video of Roxie and Cheeto “playing” when Roxie was just a baby.

She’s very friendly and hasn’t met a stranger she doesn’t love.  However, she’s such a mama’s girl that when out and about if I leave her with someone while I step away she anxiously awaits my return by watching until I dissappear and waits until I reappear.

She is well socialized as I took her with me as much as I could when she was a puppy.  She has done the Race for the Cure for three years along side me and last year, actually ran it with me as well as other 5k races.  She is my constant running partner and loves every minute of it. We are currenly training for a 10k race.  When not outside running, she gets her exercise on the treadmill.  She loves it and often will get on it and wait for me to turn it on (and then get her cookie for finishing her run).  🙂

Roxie was an amazing first time mother.  The first puppy was born outside on a potty break and she brought it in the doggy door right to my hand with a look on her face like “What on earth is this and what should I do with it?  Here Mom, you take it”.  Once we got her in the whelping box with the cleaned off puppy, she took to mothering immediately. We are looking forward to doing it all over again…