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Weim puppy coverThis is a highly recommended (and in the case of my puppy people, mandatory) e-book for anyone considering or expecting to bring home their new Weimaraner puppy.

Your New Weimaraner Puppy (Kindle Version) from Amazon.com

Your New Weimaraner Puppy (PDF Version) Buy Now

Purchase Sally Bushwallers ebook on Weimaraner Separation Anxiety either in PDF or Kindle versions (click image for preview of book)
The Separation Anxiety Tool Book (Kindle Version) Purchase from Amazon.com

The Separation Anxiety Tool Book (PDF Version) Buy Now


BRW Decals sm

Blue River Weimaraners 5″x6″ die-cut vinyl window decals.  Shows white on your blacked out windows.  $10.00  Use the contact me form if you’d like to purchase one.


Handmade Collars (and other stuff) from Cooper’s Collars. Collars are made by fellow blue Weimaraner owner Heather Long. Heather shops at the local thrift store that benefits animal rescue to find nifty patterns for her collars. They are well made and machine washable. Roxie has two of them. Heather is also an amazing artist and has note cards of dogs, horses, cats and other wildlife.



Leatherlined Prong Collars by Paradise Dog Gear. Roxie has a prong collar just like this. For those who are new to these, while they look barbaric, they are actually more humane than a typical choke chain or halter style collar. The prong collar simulates the mother’s correction bite. A simple tug evenly distributes pressure around the neck and gives you more control over your dog whereas the choke chain simply chokes the dog and can cause damage to their larynx. As for the halty style collar that wraps around the nose and turns the dog’s head when they pull, if the dog is not in control, the yank of the neck can hurt the dog’s neck. I swear by the prong collars if you have a strong willed dog who insists on pulling. Roxie is a different dog when she is wearing her collar. Now, you may wonder why the leather lining? Asisde from making it more sturdy, I personally think it sort of disguises the collar from the generally uneducated about the prong collar public.


Panties for your intact bitch or belly bands for your intact dog by Paradise Dog Gear. These panties are the coolest! You can get them with or without ruffles and in all kinds of colors. They are well made and machine washable. Plus they are made by fellow Weim owners!  After 6+ years, they are still in great shape, other than some chew marks.  Highly recommended!



Custom pet ID tags by Boomerang Pet Tags. These are the coolest tags EVER!! You can have them engraved with whatever you want and they simply slide on your collar! It’s so nice not to have jingling tags in the middle of the night. It means you can order as many collars as you want from Cooper’s Collars and change them out for the season or holiday (like I do) and simply slide the tag off and onto the next one.


For those interested in field training. Leather pinch collar and checkcord from Higgins Gun Dogs. This blunt studded pinch collar works similarly to the regular prong collar above by gently distrubuting pressure around the neck for control. The checkcord is attached to it to allow your dog to drag it while he hunts and for you to maintain control by holding or stepping on it during those times where you don’t want him to chase. You can get these collars from other places, but I know the quality of these items are high via Brad Higgins of Higgins Gun Dogs.
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